Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Military Vehicle Auctions

Did you ever wonder how you would look behind the driver’s seat of a military grade vehicle?  Now take that image and imagine that this military vehicle – lets call it a humvee – isn’t just a part of some military exhibit at the museum, but actually driving on the highway.  Yes, you can actually do that so long as you use some creativity.  The military has no need for “outdated” vehicles like older humvees, boats and aircraft.  With new technologies, and the ever-evolving landscape of war, vehicles, weapons, and other items become obsolete on the battlefield, and are then sent out to pasture at government military vehicle auction.  This is where you can find yourself a great deal on military vehicles that you can use in everyday life.

Military vehicle auctions come about for a variety of reasons.  More often than not, it is a result of the military updating its hardware.  The military regularly updates its fleets of vehicles to cope with the ever-changing landscapes of military warfare.  For example, the military foresees more battles being waged under the surface of the ocean, and therefore sees less of a need for patrol boats.  They would probably seek to sell the now excess patrol boats that would otherwise be sitting around and collecting rust.  What if you aren’t into boating, and sailing the seven seas?  You are into farming.  Fear not, military vehicle auctions also have tractors, plows seeders, and other farming related vehicles.  And that is not including vehicles such as troop transports that can be converted into supply trucks that you can use to bring your produce to market.  If you like to have fun in the air, military vehicle auctions are a great place to find maintenance equipment, for planes, and helicopters.  And if you are lucky, and have the right qualifications, you can even purchase an old decommissioned fighter jet or helicopter.  And if you are regular Joe, there are hundreds of items available for use – think motorcycles, and regular cars used to transport higher ups in civilian life.
The sheer amount of vehicles available for auction when the military holds a vehicle auction is hard to imagine.  Just think of it this way.  The military has a presence in the air, sea and land.  For each of those places, they need vehicles.  Included in those vehicles are support vehicles that help to handle communications, transport and distribute supplies, and general construction vehicles.  That pushes the amount of vehicles available at auction into the hundreds and perhaps even the thousands (depending on the type of auction, and which branches are involved).  But before you decide to commit money to a military vehicle auction you should check and make sure that you can bid for the items at a military vehicle auction, because some of them are limited due to the sensitive nature of the military vehicle, and hardware in the vehicle.

Now you asking yourself, how you can get in on the action?  We all want military vehicles, and we definitely don’t want to overpay army-navy surplus resellers or parts dealers who get their stuff at these auctions.  It is actually rather simple and does not involve you staying up late watching TV – waiting for a sketchy infomercial to come on and tell you that you can own a brand new car for pennies on the dollar (highly unlikely).  You can easily look through your local newspaper, or the local newspaper of an army base as most of them will be able to tell you when the next military vehicle auction will occur.  The best way to do that is by speaking with the people who are running the auction – they should be able to guide you towards the path of a great deal.  And the one downside to all of these ways is the time involved.  You could end up spending hours searching for a military vehicle auction.  So save yourself some time and head on over to and activate your FREE three-day trial.  All you need to do is type in what you want, and will find it for you.  Then you can do your bidding, and walk away with your just like new humvee.

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