Friday, July 2, 2010

Government Surplus Equipment Auctions

Government Surplus Equipment Auctions are a great way for you to find government surplus equipment at a reduced cost.  At, you will find hundreds of listings for government surplus equipment from the mundane printer ink, to the really interesting decommissioned military helicopter, or your regular good ole’ used police car.  Of course there are always usable items such as the aforementioned printer ink, or desk chairs.  After all, you know government – they always have surplus equipment.

So, what is a Government Surplus Equipment Auction?  You only have a vague idea at this point.  Government Surplus Equipment Auctions are what happens when the government no longer needs items.  Think about it this way, the government is using one type of printer, and stocks up on ink to make sure that they don’t have to send an intern for an ink buying expedition.  Well, what happens when they get a new printer that takes a different type of ink?  The government is left with lots of extra ink cartridges and nary a printer to use them with.  You on the other hand do have a use for that ink, and you can buy a lot of ink for an extremely reduced rate.  And do you know why?  Well, when the new printer comes in, they need to get new ink for it, and the government doesn’t have unlimited storage space.  Say you are an office manager in charge of ordering supplies, and you just happen to use the same ink that the government no longer needs.  You could get a lot of ink for very cheap, perhaps saving your office hundreds of dollars.  And don’t think you are limited to just printer ink, the government has a lot of surplus items available at auction.  What if you work for a company that makes deliveries?  Well, within the realm of government surplus equipment auctions, there are supply trucks, vans, cars, and sometimes even refrigerated trucks.  Again, you could end up saving a lot of money, just by searching out government surplus equipment auctions.

These government surplus equipment auctions aren’t limited to just the federal government.  Your local government and your state government also hold auctions.  The sheer volume of products available is hard to really understand.  Just think about all of the cars your police department uses, after a while, they need new ones.  They don’t just throw out their old ones, they auction off the surplus cars, and you have the ability to buy one at a reduced rate.  Of course there is also decommissioned military hardware available too.  If you like helicopters, you can buy a decommissioned helicopter for reduced rates.  You could also buy maintenance equipment for that helicopter.  The possibilities are endless when you truly consider how many different levels of government there are, and all the equipment they use.

Government Surplus Equipment Auctions happen all the time, but you can’t always expect to get what you want.  So find out what type of ink your printer needs, or what type of helicopter you may want to fly.  And to be sure that you won’t miss your desired auction just head to, and activate your FREE 3-day Trial.  You won’t regret it.

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