Thursday, July 1, 2010

Repairable Salvage Auto Auctions by State

Repairable Salvage auto auctions by state are a special type of auction that deals with the sale of cars that may not be in the best shape, but when given the proper love and care, can be salvaged, repaired and sold for a profit.  These auctions are primarily dealer and repair-shop based – meaning that mostly used car dealers and auto repair shops show up to buy these cars, as they have the ability to quickly fix any problems with the cars, and then sell them for a profit.  What these dealers and mechanics know is that the majority of these cars are actually in quite good shape other than a few problems – they can be salvaged and repaired.  And for just a few dollars, you could end up buying and fixing the car – potentially saving a lot of money on a car.  However, it would be wise to do your research before jumping into the world of repairable salvage auto auctions by state.

When purchasing at repairable salvage auto auctions, it is important to know what you plan on acquiring.  Do you want to purchase a car and fix it up, or do you want to buy a car for parts – repair or salvage?  After all, a repairable salvage auto auction is also a great place to salvageable parts for a fraction of the price that it would have cost you had you bought it from a parts supplier.  This makes a difference, because it would probably not be a smart idea to purchase a car that had been flooded and fix it up unless you wanted to salvage and repair the car.  Finding a repairable and salvageable car will take time though, so don’t jump on the first opportunity you get, just because you want it to be quick – it may end up becoming more of a hassle than its worth.  All of which brings us to the most important part when purchasing any used car, especially a cars sold at salvage auto auctions.  If a vehicle history report is not given at the auction preview – or at an online preview – then you should take the time to get one (The vehicle history report is based on the Vehicle Identification Number, which means that you should follow up on any additional vehicle identification numbers if there have been major repairs).  Once you have that report, you can determine whether or not you want to repair or salvage the car.

The final part with repairable salvage auto auctions by state – and with any auction in general – is finding the right auction, especially when looking state by state.  .

We cannot rely on late night infomercials that promise us a brand new 1993 Ford Escort or other unrealistic deals.  Spending hours scouring the Internet and newspapers is just not worth it, when you could be spending that time with friends and family – especially when you are talking about repairable salvage auto auctions.  There is however, one website, that does all the work for you and even offers a free three-day trial.  Once there you will find links to thousands of repairable salvage auto auctions by state – auctions that are reputable, because they are done through the government.  You can search for the auctions state by state, and not have to worry about traveling across state lines (unless you really want to).  Repairable salvage auto auctions by state can be a great place to find a deal, so long as you do your research, and stick to your guns.

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