Monday, July 5, 2010

Surplus Car Auctions

Wouldn’t it be nice to plop down in the driver’s seat of a car, and drive to work instead of waiting in the rain for the bus?  It would also be nice if it were a sunny day and you didn’t mind waiting for the bus, but the reality is that we don’t control the weather, so we have to find better options.  That is where surplus car auctions arrive on the scene.  Surplus car auctions are where you can buy yourself a car for much less than it would cost you on a used-car lot.  The government has thousands of surplus cars and has no need to watch them rot in some surplus lot in the desert.  They want you to have their surplus cars, and to make sure that you can get them they have an auction for these surplus cars.

These surplus cars come from a variety of places: Military, federal government agencies, state governments, and local governments.  That means you can end up bidding on a surplus military vehicle (military hardware removed…obviously), a used secret-service vehicle, a pick-up truck from your local government, or a hybrid car that your state government used.  And unlike buying these cars on a used-car lot where there is a markup in price, you will end up with a deal.  Used-car dealers regularly attend these surplus car auctions to add cars to their inventory – they allow them to make a steady profit on cars without investing too much time or energy.  You too can end up with a great deal on a surplus car.

Before attending any surplus car auctions, it would be a wise idea to do some detective work.  Look at the cars available for auction.  Are there any that you are even interested in?  Find the car that you want, and check it out.  Most surplus car auctions have previews where you can look over the car, and get yourself a vehicle history report.  Knowing the car’s history is perhaps, the most important part of any auto auction, so be sure that you know the history – even if you cannot attend a preview.  You may also want to investigate the price of insurance on the car, so you can be sure that you can drive your car right away, without having to wait for insurance quotes.  Once you have done your research, you are ready for the auction.  Just remember to bring identification and enough money with you to auction.

Of course, this information is all worthless unless you know where to find auctions.  You can look in your local newspapers for surplus car auctions, or perhaps search for seized car auctions, but chances are you will be left with a lot of useless information.  You could also nag your local government, but that just may not fall on the right side of good ideas.  Your best bet would be to go to where you can activate your FREE three-day trial.  Once there, you can search for auctions across the country, and find the car of your dreams.

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